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Cafehopping: Rouse & Comestivel Desserts

Wednesday, August 12, 2015 / , , , , , , ,


Recently, I brought my family out to 2 different halal cafes. 1 is Rouse on Dunlop Street (near little india) and the other, to Comestivel Desserts! I was impressed by the online reviews of Rouse so I thought of giving it a try.

Rouse Cafe 
36 Dunlop Street 

Rouse is known for its variety of mains so I was quite excited about it. Here's a picture of me in front of the cafe. Parking is quite tough here so you'll need to come early and probably spend some time looking for a parking lot. Lucky for us, we got one which was quite near to the cafe.

Salsa Fries
Looks good but just taste like chopped onions and tomatoes. Nothing great about this. 

Spicy Crab Penne
This tasted alright. Wouldn't order it again though.


Caesar Salad with added Shredded Chicken
Such a generous portion. Pretty worth it for $12, I must say.


This classic beef burger tasted alright. The patty was quite juicy!


Chicken Chomper


Steak and Salsa Fries


Mango Pavlova

Comestivel Desserts
55 Siglap Rd, #B1-11/12, 455871


Overall, food at Rouse isn't bad but it's not fantastic either. Either that or that I'm just really choosy. I will most likely not go back to Rouse, that's for sure. Keep in mind that cafes aren't cheap but you're probably paying for Instagram worthy food + a chill atmosphere. Great for you to sit, chat and drink kopi with old friends for hours. Maybe it's time I give up on cafes because my view of cafes being overpriced and serving MEH food still stands. With the same amount of money, I probably would feel happier eating at some halal seafood restaurant. 
Looks like I may have to stop giving cafes chances ah. The last time I was this disappointed was when I gave Penny University a try. :P  

But when it comes to Comestivel Desserts, I'll probably be back just for the Pavlovas. So shiok! It's located all the way in Siglap but don't worry, there's delivery options too. Just check them out on Facebook to find out more. 

Till the next food adventure!