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Addictive PopGal popcorns + Giveaway!

Saturday, August 8, 2015 / , , , , , ,



Recently, a blogger friend sent me a couple bottles of PopGal popcorns to my office and everyone got so excited. I felt very skeptical lah but gave it a try anyway because there’s no harm giving popcorns another chance.

So here’s a little background: When it comes to popcorn, I get VERY picky. Before I tasted PopGal, only Garette popcorn made the cut. The rest of the popcorns eg: the sort you buy from NTUC/Golden Village etc, are the popcorns you will NEVER see me eating. In fact, I don’t eat popcorns at all when I watch a movie! Why? Meh... I don't waste calories on substandard food. *insert talk-to-the-hand emoji* 

My personal opinion: Garette popcorn is nice BUT it’s expensive and it’s packed in paper so it turn ‘laohong’ very easily. Hate it when that happens, especially their cheese popcorns! However now that I’ve been introduced to PopGal, there’s NO TURNING BACK for me! In fact, I might even buy and sneak a bottle into the cinema. Hahahahaha you can do the same too, as long as you don’t blame it on my blog or me when you get caught ah! 

OKAY, OKAY, time to share with you more about PopGal! :)


PopGal is a brand under Daily Fresh Foods Group, one of the leading retailer of snacks in the world. It’s made from the best quality of mushroom popcorn kernels. I also found out that their popcorns are made WITHOUT any oil so that’s fantastic. No wonder my fingers didn’t feel oily when I kept popping them into my mouth! #NonStopPopping

Best part is, PopGal is halal certified! 
Kakak-kakak, don't worry. This one got Malaysia's JAKIM Halal chop hor. [The equivalent of MUIS in Singapore]

Currently PopGal popcorns are available at all Cheers outlets and
RedMart. It comes in 4 different flavours; Caramel, Spicy Curry, Honeydew & Seaweed. For retail selling price, it is priced at SGD4.80 for large-sized and SGD3.30 for small-sized, which is very reasonable for high quality popcorns.


It’s soooo good that I’ve decided to buy a couple of bottles more (with my own money. Not sponsored!) to share with my colleagues at work. Good things must share mah! Tried Redmart for the first time and I’m quite impressed. If you choose to have it delivered on a certain day, you will get to enjoy discount. In this case, I got $4 discount because I chose to have it delivered on Monday morning. Woohoo! 




If you ask me to choose between Caramel, Spicy Curry, Honeydew and Seaweed popcorn, I wouldn’t be able to do so because they’re all SOOOO good! You need to try it to believe it. It’s crunchy, flavourful and addictive. You’ll keep coming back for more, I swear.

So yeah, it’s GIVEAWAY time! 
Wanna win some PopGal popcorns?
All you have to do is email me at with the following:
1.  WHERE you can get your PopGal popcorns

2. Your contact details (full name, contact number and email address)

My treat! The team at Daily Fresh and Redmart aren't sponsoring this. It will come out from my own pocket because I’m just feeling generous.


Good luck and let’s stop wasting calories on shitty popcorns!