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A National Day Special: Back To Basics

Monday, August 10, 2015 / , , , , , , ,


This year marks the 50th year of independence for Singapore. Being a local blogger and because I just received my shopping loots from Forever 21 , I thought it'd be apt to do a National Day Special. 

Sometimes, this country makes me feel like I'm in a foreign land. Sometimes, I feel that I do not have a place here. Sometimes I feel that we're not "fun" enough as a country just 'cus there isn't any real, pretty beaches (other than Sentosa which is man made), there isn't any big festivals (other than Zoukout/Siloso Beach Party) and there isn't much things you can do here. (other than cafehopping?!)

However, when I meet other people from other countries, they tell me how life here is much more *insert positive characteristics* than their real homes that it makes them wish this was home for them. They're always impressed by our achievements as a nation. Maybe a huge part of it is contributed by the fact that we're just a little red dot on the map. 

It makes me feel a little guilty for taking this home of mine for granted. Sometimes we're always so pessimistic that we forget to be thankful for what we have. This place is safe - I can walk alone at night without feeling scared, I don't have to be scared of taxi drivers kidnapping me and I don't have to be worried about any protests/riots happening anywhere here. I hope it stays this way. I have thought of working in a foreign land someday, (if I get an offer I won't be able to resist) hopefully, because I would like to experience life out of Singapore but this place will ALWAYS be home for me. 

Back to the fashion talk :) 



For this shoot, my outfit style is quite different than my usual looks. I went back to basics with this Tartan Plaid Shirt and Skinny Jeans from Forever 21. This is my first pair of pants in YEARS. YEARS, I tell ya!! It's SO HARD to find that fits me well!

On a separate note, have you ever wondered if a pair of skinny jeans will still be called "Skinny Jeans" if it's made for someone plus sized? Haha 

If you look through my past OOTDs, I normally don't wear pants/jeans and would normally opt for a skirt instead because...

 I have a big butt (no shit, sherlock), therefore it's harder to get a pair of jeans that would fit me comfortably, as compared to a skirt. 

The weather here is really humid. #Complaincomplain #Typicalsingaporean
Uhm.... Skirts provide the right ventilation I need for my chunky legs. 

So ya lor - here's a back to basic look for this National Day Special. Are you wearing red today? Share with me some selfies la!