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Turning 22 @Turi Beach Resort, Batam | Part 1 - Tirta Wing

Monday, October 6, 2014 / , , , , , , , , , ,


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A week ago, yours truly turned 22 and decided to head to Batam for a mini retreat, courtesy of Turi Beach Resort with my friend Charlotte. I have to admit that I was so excited to leave the country (my last holiday was in November 2013) cus  it was my first time celebrating my birthday away from busy, busy Singapore. 

It's no secret that I really love Batam cus everything there is crazy cheap. Food, transportation, accomodation, groceries and many more. Whenever I head to Batam, normally I'd choose to the "city" area where I normally would stay at another, which is a walking distance to one of the biggest and most popular malls in Batam called the Nagoya Hill Mall. 

But it's my birthday and what better way to spend it at the resort where I could enjoy the sun, the sand and the beach! I'm such a sucker for resorts and beach holidays!!! 

So I chose to take a ferry from the Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal to Nongsapura Ferry Terminal. 

I didn't know that we could check-in our luggages as long as it's below 20kg for free, so I did. Just that you'll have to pay a 10,000 Rupiah when at the Batam baggage collection counter. (About SGD$1) 

Happy because I'm baggage - free

The ride from SG to Batam took around 35 minutes ONLY. I loved how the terminal wasn't crowded at all. It could be cus I was there on a Friday instead of a weekend! :P 

We were provided land transfer from the terminal to the resort and were happily greeted by Awang, Turi Beach Resort'sTuri Beach Resort's mascot! :)

Turi Beach Resort is located at the Hang Lekiu Street, Nongsa, Batam and has a total of 141 rooms. Basically, the resort has 2 different wings -  the Riani and Tirta Wing. This also means that there are 2 swimming pools in the resort! Hell yeah bitchez! 

DID YOU KNOW? Turi Beach Resort recently emerged as the "Best Resort in Batam 2014" category winner, crowned by the Batam Tourism Office.

Here's Charlotte quenching her thirst with our welcome drink. 

I was just so delighted to be out to the country! (Even if it was just 1 day)

Forgive me for the super unglam mosquito patch. I'm just a kiasu Singaporean and didn't want mozzies to feast on my blood while I was there.:) You'll also be pleased to know that there's a few packets of mosquito repellent cream in each room. 

If you need more, you can just call the front desk to request for more and they'll send it to you! How fantastic is that?! Superb service! It's no surprise why it's an award winning resort.

The Turi Beach Resort team brought Charlotte and I around to check out their rooms. Pretty neat I must say! :) 

Check out the Tirta Junior Suite. Super beautiful!

You'll definitely love the unique zen ambience in this room. 
Totally eyeing this room for my next trip to Turi Beach Resort! You can enjoy this room only at approximately SGD $308 per night. 

Bathtubs are only available in the suits so if you love all kinds of bubbles like me, this will be the perfect room for you! ;)

Take a dip into the pool located at the Tirta wing and enjoy the scenic view together with your special someone. Such a waste that we didn't have time to dip into the pool for a swim but it's alright because I'll be back!!! ;P #MarkMyWords

We also checked out the Tirta Premier BeachfrontWe also checked out the Tirta Premier Beachfront room. 

You can enjoy the room at only SGD$249 per night. ;)

Enjoy your own private balcony when you stay at rhe resort. 

Next, it's time to check out the Riani Wing! 

Wait but before that..... 

I'm going on a break! :P 

If you wanna find out how the newly renovated Riani wing looks like, how I spent my 22nd birthday, stay tuned for my next blogpost! ;) 

P/S If you're the adventurous kind and would like to try some water activities, check out what you can do here. You are welcome! Heh


Beth said...

It seems like you're having a lot of fun and having lots of adventures! :D I'm so happy for you!

Danika Maia said...

You look adorable I really like collared dresses they are so sweet!

Andrew said...


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