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Spotify Premium Account Giveaway: Pursuing education at M2 Academy, the next HOTTEST campus in town!

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“Education is possibly one of the most important investments one will ever have to make in life.”

I cannot agree any more with this quote by the M2 Academy team. This is probably one of the reasons I’ve been putting my degree on hold (well other than the fact that I don’t really fancy studying). & because it is one of the most important investments in YOUR life, M2 Academy acknowledges that it is THEIR responsibility to ensure that students receive a great return on their investments. While everyone else has potential, the team at M2 Academy also wants to to guide you to find and unleash the potential in you.
A lot of people go to the university to get a degree just for the sake of doing it. After 20 odd years of education, they’ll suddenly feel “lost” and will start asking themselves…


I know, because I’ve met people like that! While every educational institute only gives the student the technical experience, M2 Academy wants to be able to give their students a little more so that they are ready for the real working world.
This includes the opportunity to meet other students, the art of collaboration, teamwork VS the usual boring lecture sessions.

M2 Academy is in collaboration with the University of South Australia (UniSA), recognised globally as one of Australia’s rising stars. UniSA is also the youngest university in the world Top 50 of new universities in both the Times and QA University surveys; 14th in research rankings in Australia. At the moment, the diploma and degree programmes offered by M2 Academy are only from UniSA but rumour has it that there are plans of working with other universities in the future! SUPERB!!

Even their campus is not your usual boring campus…

The BEST PART about studying at UniSA at M2 Academy, is….. 


Its fantastic campus location! I’m raving about this because it’s right smack in the middle of Orchard Road – where youngsters like you and I *AHEM* hang out!
The campus is at Orchard Gateway @ Emarald, which is just OPPOSITE Somerset 313’s Forever 21. If you’re hanging out with your frienzies after school, you can immediately head to Cathay Cineleisure (yay movies), Plaza Singapura, Orchard Central (think Spanish Doughnuts) and of course, Somerset 313 (ooooh Smoothie King)… 

There’s even an amazing view of Orchard Road at the back of the Lecture Theatre!

Even their classrooms are NOT your usual classroom. You actually sit in groups. That screen in the middle is great for you to share slides/websites when you’re in a midst of a discussion. In fact, most of your learning materials are all available online on your student portal. Who needs textbooks anymore? NOT ME! This is called the flipped classroom approach where students learn new content online by watching video lectures. Enjoy interactive style education at M2 Academy. ;)

But hey, let’s face the hard truth that a degree or a diploma is pretty common in Singapore. While some may agree that paper qualifications are important, I believe that employers nowadays are looking for more than that. What can set you apart from the rest is…. Experience. When we talk about experience, I mean RELEVANT experience. Having your summer break and have nothing to do? Apply for an internship. Find opportunities to expose yourself to the working world. Again, that’s where M2 Academy comes into the picture. Despite being such a new institution, it already has partnerships with global multinationals across various industries. This includes your big names like OCBC, Microsoft, Bloomberg, Grand Hyatt, Mediacom and a couple more. In fact, there’ll be regular industry led practitioner presentations, networking events, career mentoring and access to dedicated and experienced career services team.
Sounds exciting to you? It sure is for me!

There will be 3 intakes per year for programmes January, May and September
September intakes are open and the closing date is on the 1st September 2014.The start of the school term is on the 29th September 2014.
View academic calendar
Open house dates here.

Before I go, it’s giveaway time courtesy of University of South Australia at M2 Academy. Thanks guys!
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Application details here.
Till then…  (It’s also a great place to take your OOTDs haha!)

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