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#AZMondayMakeover Because I Am Happy In My Skin

Sunday, April 20, 2014 / , , , , , , , ,


A couple of months ago, Celebrity Hair & Make Up Artist, Andrea Claire and Celebrity Photographer Extraordinaire, Zurina Bryant teamed up to produce #AZMondayMakeover.

No edits, no photoshop.

Photo Credits: Zurina Bryant Photography

This makeover was done in the morning of my 21st birthday celebration last year.
If you haven't read the post, you can here.

It was a nice birthday treat to pampered by these 2 dynamic duos. Check out the photos!

Outfit Of The Day 
Wrap Dress from FLOW Clothing 
Jewelry provided by Killari 
Chilli Red Flats were a steal from Batam for only $10. 

This makeover was done before I rebonded my hair so Andrea straightened my hair and gave me such va-va-voom hair. Also, I took a break from all the bright lipsticks I love because Andrea decided to experiment with my eyes by giving me a smoky sexy eyes. I never thought I'd rock such a look!

Watch the video recorded by Andrea Claire here. 

Also, I wanted to share with you this song by Phillipa Hanna which inspired me to change the concept of my blog a couple of years ago. I heard this song on American's Next Top Model and instantly fell in love. There's nothing quite as amazing as being happy in your own skin.

Thank you Andrea and Zurina for the fabulous time!

Check out their official websites here. You can contact them if you're interested to engage them.
Andrea Claire:
Zurina Bryant: