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Fatshionista: I Procrastinate - but I'm willing to change

Thursday, February 20, 2014 / , , , ,


I've been procrastinating alot. 

I wanted to set up a blogshop for plus sized girls for myself but it never happened. 
I wanted to launch Project You Are Beautiful, but it never happened. 
I wanted to started blogging again - oh hey here I am typing this out after half a year. 

What if I organised a flea market of some sort and it will be held at my place in Tampines, would you be interested to come and join me? I have alot of clothes that I'd love to sell off. Cheap & Chic I promise! 

In other news, yes I've rebonded my hair. I've also gotten myself a new Balenciaga bag in Bubblegum. (See above). A couple of months back, I grabbed a pair of Melissa Doris Spikes pumps at an irresistible discount. First Melissa Shoes! 

Well, what's new with you then? 


ying said...

Dear rynaque, I hope you can put your items up online for readers to purchase! :) I'll be waiting!