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FURLA Candybrissima Show Tour @ PARAGON - #FURLACandysg

Saturday, May 25, 2013 / , , , ,


Exciting news!! 

The Candybrissima Show tour is finally coming to Singapore this month. This renowned art installation performance has been showcased in Tokyo, Paris, Milan, New York, Hongkong and it's finally happening in Singapore. 

In line with FURLA’s innovative spirit and passion for melding contemporary art and fashion, personalities and design students from various art and fashion communities will be invited to come together for the first time to perform an ultra-creative assemble of the iconic rubber Candy bag. Each artist will be able to choose different materials, details and colours that express a specific style and state of mind, instilling an unpredictable element in every finished piece and making it the only one of its kind. This unique installation will see a pop-up creative laboratory where all materials, hardware and laboratory coats are provided by FURLA for a full artisan experience.

Yours truly with a FURLA Candy Bag at the Nylon Anniversary Party 

In conjunction with the Candybrissima Show Tour, FURLA will launch 2 collections of Candy Bags; Candy Sunset and Candy Cookie. Watch this space for more details and see you at the FURLA Candybrissima Show Tour!