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Life as a PR Girl

Monday, March 25, 2013 / , , ,


I received a request from a reader some time last month to share more about my job but I never had the time to do it. So here goes!

I’ll be honest. I never thought I’d be working in the Public Relations line, ever. 

Perhaps a year and a half ago, I imagined myself to be working in a digital agency. That was the plan I had in mind. I even changed my Facebook password to a name of an agency I aimed to work in. That was how badly I wanted it. (Changed my password of course, don’t even think about it!)

 After my internship and upon graduation at a digital advertising agency, I was on a massive job search. I was open to job options, as long as I am able to do what I love, all things social and digital media.

That one tweet that sparked the start of my career as a digital PR girl. 
So, the big question here is, what do I do as a PR girl? 

I get people talking about something. 

It ranges from different things, sending out press releases out to key media and opinion leaders (yup, media relations), pitching stories, conceptualising a comms plan that starts with in - store collaterals and the integration of digital and traditional media. Since I handle the digital aspect of communications, beyond the usual above roles, I shortlist suitable bloggers for different types of brands, (boss says I'm a proffesional stalker, I say professional BG researcher) I conceptualise different digital campaigns - for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Blogs, explore different digital advertising platforms for my clients and monitor online conversations about my clients.

Sounds like something fun, isn't it?

Sure, on certain levels, PR sounds like it's full of glitz and glam like getting to meet famous celebrities, attend prestigious events, mingling with established bloggers and being kept in the loop of the latest media gossips/industry news. Sounds happening ah?

The truth is behind every campaign and event, it has its fair share of sai kang, hard work, effort and late nights to make it a successful one. I think my PR friends can all agree that the feeling of satisfaction after every successful event, published editorial coverage and just seeing people on the street talking/using the brand/product you've publicized about is PRICELESS.

Mastering the art of looking pretty despite being tired as f***. 

So okay, you must be wondering, I wanted to work in a digital agency, so why end up in the Public Relations line? 

Because ultimately, if I wanted to work in digital/social media - it's all about brands maintaining a public image, just this time online. Sure, fine line between marketing/advertising and PR, but I believe that it falls under the Public Relations category.

So, this is it guys. The life of a PR girl, all glitz and glam?
Oi, I work my arse off and dream about work at times too.


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