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2012 In A Nutshell

Monday, December 31, 2012 /


2012 has come to an end. It has been an exciting year for me. 

I started a new job. 

Went to Bandung and Bali for the first time. Also went to JB this year. The first in years. 

Met many kind souls this year. Graduated from school and started working. In september just before i turned a year older, I started dating again after my devastating break up with the ex. Unfortunately, things did not work out because of our personality differences. 

Learning to appreciate my family more. Doing what I love. Achieved personal and career related targets. 2012 is a huge milestone for me. There are a couple of things I hope I can achieve in 2013. I'd like to be a better writer. I'd like to continue the existence of this blog and work with even more brands I love. I'd like to learn to let my hair down and be less uptight about things. I hope that it will be a year I not only work hard, but work smart. I'd like to surround myself with people who wouldn't take me for granted and are genuinely sincere being around me. 

For a start, i'm kicking out the ones who don't seem to be appreciating my presence. They say that if you really want to be in someone's life, you'd make the effort to do so. Every year, I strive to be a better person than the year before and I hope it will be a meaningful journey for you and I. 

Happy new year everyone! 


P.s See you at the Siloso Beach Party tonight!