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Review: Gurame Restaurant

Tuesday, November 13, 2012 / , , , ,


I still remember, when I was young, my family and I would celebrate any special occasions at Gurame. At that time, the then popular Indonesian restaurant was located along East Coast park. They recently they reopened this time at Changi Coast Walk. 

So I heard about Gurame's new outlet from my cousin so I thought of heading to the restaurant for my birthday dinner with my family. To be very honest, I did not really enjoy myself at the restaurant, but let's try to start with the good things first shall we? 

You can choose to either sit inside the restaurant or outside, where you will be able to witness the beautiful sunset in the evening. I have to say, that it probably would have a nice ambience for a date. 

Other than the beautiful sunset, in my opinion there wasn't anything fantastic about the restaurant. They were understaffed. We waited for almost an hour for our food. Food was served cold and wasn't fantastic. We were the first few families to arrive (restaurant opens again at 6pm on weekends) and were disappointed when we were told that Gurame, (a type of fish) was sold out. What kind of nonsense is that? Dear restaurants, if a certain dish is your specialty, it'll be great if you ensure that you order enough ingredients for your customers? Food pales in comparison of how great it used to be. 

Meh, here are some photos of our horrible meal. We were practically eating in the dark as there wasn't any candles on our table. Thank god for the camera flash.

Total damage: $150 +++ 

Verdict: Never coming back again. 

Anybody else had the same experience as me?