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Cupcakes from Cake Story!

Friday, October 5, 2012 / , , , ,

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Hello! Hope you've all been good. 

Last week, the kind people from Cake Story sent me a box of garden themed mini cupcakes for my birthday! Just to share with you, each cupcake cost $1.20 each and there is a minimum order of 48 pieces. 
Love how the cupcakes are so cute. My favourite were the flower cupcakes. Also, the cupcakes are bite-sized so it is great for girls who wanna nom on cupcakes without making a mess. 

Thank you Cake Story! 

On the side note, Cake Story isn't halal certified but they are not using animal lards. They have quite a number of Malay customers too so if you are not very particular, you may their delicious cupcakes a try. 

For more information about the other products they are selling, you may visit or view their other creations here.