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The good times we had together

Friday, September 21, 2012 / , ,


Friends are always there for you through the good times and the bad. I've always believed in that. 

The other day, I met my close friends for dinner at Dhoby Ghaut's Fish and Co. It was a good catch up session with the kampong over fish and cakes. It was also the belated celebration of Farah's birthday.

Sadali is now serving the nation. That explains his shaved hair. 

So when it comes to birthdays, Fish & Co has a tradition of making the birthday girl stand on the chair and the whole team would sing for him/her a song. I've always wanted to try it on someone, just for the fun of it so...... because it was Farah's birthday...... :P 

Farah was such a good sport! She stood on the chair while the fish and co team sang for her a birthday song. It was hilarious!! I don't think I would have enough guts to stand on the chair. It would be so embarrassing. :P 

If it's one thing I miss about school, is looking forward to meet my bunch of friends and classmates everyday. I wonder how everyone is doing. That being said, guess who else is turning 20 really soon? 

If you're thinking of going out with me for a meal, Fish & Co is not going to be an option!