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Ride of my life at the XD Theatre!

Saturday, September 15, 2012 / , , ,


Last Sunday morning, my family and I had the ride of our lives at the 6D XD Theatre @ Singapore Flyer.  August was a crazy month for me because of work so when I received the invite to try the ride, I was excited!

My family and I all ready for the ride.

Imagine watching a 3D movie and sitting on a simulator, that's 6D! Wind effects, flashing lights and individual seats that jerk and shake. Wohoooo!

Love the visual experience! The motion and speed simulation was so good, I screamed in my seat probably almost every minute. No kidding. Also, it was really great to see that my family have fun. They were all so excited about the XD Theatre! I don't normally bring my family to anything related to the blogger events I go to, but since Carlson White Entertainment and Bridges M&C invited the whole family, I thought why not!

The four movies currently running (July 2012) onwards are: Ravine Racer, Canyon Coaster, Cosmic Coaster and Jet and Jin. Each movie has a different intensity level. Jet and Jin, is a movie for children which is 3 minutes long and has a storyline. Think my nephews would love it! Love it!!

Location: XD Theatre, Singapore Flyer 
Opening hours: 9am to 11pm 

$20 per head for adults ($16)

$18 per head for children of 6 to 13 ($14)
$18 per head for adults above 60 years old ($14)

The price in brackets are its introductory prices so you should head down asap to enjoy the discount! Visit for more infomation.