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Happy Anniversary Cosmopolitan and Style!

Monday, September 17, 2012 / , ,


Happy 10th Anniversary Style!

With colleagues Calista and Yi Jing. 

Not forgetting the magazine that was banned in Singapore for 22 years, Cosmopolitan. Its blog is one of my favourite sites to go to when I'm bored. Also, I find editor of Cosmo, Deborah Tan really inspiring. She was previously the editor of Cleo and then she moved on to launch the SG edition of Cosmopolitan. 

Happy 1st birthday Cosmopolitan!!
Outfit of The Day 
Lace dress and belt: Kaylene 

Ps. Thank you Cosmo for the wonderful unairbrushed bikini shoot of the whole team you did a few months back. I'm sure many young girls who were having difficulty loving their own bodies felt inspired after reading that issue. Respect! 

Meera said...

Congratulations to Cosmopolitan and Style! I love both those magazines - they are bringing unique style to our island! This outfit is gorgeous. I am so glad to have found another blogger based in Singapore! Your blog is lovely.

xoxo, Meera