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Finally.... The Big 2 Zero.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012 / , , , ,


It is the first year I'm celebrating my birthday as a working adult. Gosh. Even the word adult still feels a little awkward for me at the moment. Let's hope I get used to it really soon. Today felt really nice. 

At 1am, I received a phone call all the way from Phuket wishing me a happy birthday. 

At 5.30am..... *Mum peeps into room and sneaks in* 
After 5 seconds, she pretends to look around my room suspiciously. 
I was half awake, so I asked her what she is trying to do.
"Oh, just looking at your messy room..... Happy Birthday!! Sleep, sleep!" 
I didn't put into much thought on why she was acting weirdly, so I went back to sleep. Turns out, she sneaked into my room to place this birthday card on my bed. Thank you for the card and paying for my latest shopping haul from Asos! So excited to receive everything!!

At work, my colleagues surprised me too! Thank you ladies. You're the best!

On top of that, 987fm's Jade Seah did a shoutout for my birthday thanks to the ladyboss. :") 

With Lay Peng. 
With Calista. 
 With Yi Jing. 
Cherie looks extra flirty in here. Lol 
 Megan :))) 
 Ladyboss and I. 
 Corrine :))

Can't believe I just turned 20. Can you believe it? 
2 decades of being alive. Funny thought!

Thank you for the well wishes everybody. Will be replying to every single Facebook message, tweet, text, whatsapp and email very soon. It's nice to feel extra special on my birthday. Last week, I gave my family a treat at a new yummy food place. Will be blogging about it soon. Also, I'm looking forward to the weekends because I have some pretty exciting plans. Have a good week ya'll!