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Distance and Time

Thursday, September 27, 2012 / , , ,


Sometimes, I wonder, what makes a person your bestfriend? My bestfriend and I are of 2 different personalities. We're currently both pursuing different things and yet we call each other, bestfriends. Could it be the ability to tell the person everything and anything on your mind without being judged for it? Or could it be that you can hang out with the other person without being someone else? I don't know. Perhaps, at this moment, the term bestfriend seems a little too vague for me. I've seen friendships fade over distance and time, especially as individuals grow older and start to have their own careers, family etc. The thought of friendships fading seems a little scary for me. So does the thought of break ups and divorce. Yikes. What am I rambling? Can this post not be so emo, zomg? 

Here are some photos of 2 very cute girls for your viewing pleasure. Taken at Cafe Le Caire at Haji Lane. Urgh, the place is so gross, food's so expensive and you made us watch golf on the TV. Seriously guys?