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Colour Blocking Experiment

Saturday, September 22, 2012 / , , , , ,


Before I started writing about plus sized fashion styles, I too was a conservative person when it comes to dressing up. I was a black dresses, black skirts, black pants, black cardigan kinda girl. I totally avoided bright colours and prints because they'd make me stand out and look weird. 

It's not going to happen anymore. I love colours!

Here's a colour blocking experiment I tried today.

Outfit Of The Day 
T-shirt and skirt, courtesy of Sabreena 
Necklace: Far East Plaza
Ring: Payless 
Shoes: KL 
Bag: LV

Let me know what you think of my outfit. Yay or nay? 

Beth said...

I love the color combination! :)

Pa Ul said...

Interesting post to read. I was wondering besides this water sports holiday destination are there any other you can suggests?

Anonymous said...

love your outfit! you look great!