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Singapore Blog Awards: Welcome dinner for international bloggers!

Monday, August 6, 2012 / , , ,


A few weeks ago, I went to Landmark Village Hotel to meet the international bloggers who flew in just to attend the Singapore Blog Awards 2012. 

Didn't really take that much pictures as we were busy mingling and talking. The bloggers were from Malaysia, Philippines and Hongkong. 

We were also given a tour of Landmark Village Hotel. Was pleasantly surprised as I didn't expect their hotel rooms to be really pretty. Also feel that the location of the hotel is really good as it's strategically located near Arab street and the Kampong Glam area. You know what that means! Even the hotel itself exudes the Middle Eastern and Arab street feel. 

One of the rooms I really liked was the Executive Club Suite. Thinking whether I should book a room to celebrate my birthday next month... Hmm.... Suggestions anyone? 

 For reservations, please call             +65 6496 7699       or email

Blog more soon! 

Sara Lisa said...

Im truly grateful and really impressed. but missed the event. Online Hotel Advertising

Kiara said...

The room is impressive!