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Online shopping with Paypal!

Monday, August 20, 2012 / , , , , , , ,


Happy Monday!

I bought a pearl collar necklace from the Geylang bazaar a few weeks back.

Anyway, I just wanted to share with you an awesome payment method for your online shopping needs. 

For me, I used to do bank transfers. I still do it now actually, but I personally prefer paying via Mastercard. I'm now fully utilising my FRANK by Ocbc debit card. Ahem! Then again the disadvantage is that everytime I go to another shopping site, I have to key in my card details all over again. (I still love you FRANK. You're still the hottest debit card around.... but I've also found an alternative for my online shopping needs. :P) 

It's..... Paypal

I know Paypal has been in the market for quite some time, but believe it or not... I just made my first transaction a few days ago when I shopped at Zalora!

Anyway, if you aren't aware, Zalora also has plus sized clothes. However, the choices are very limited so I didn't get any for myself this time. Perhaps next time, when they have something that catches my eye!

After checking out the site for almost an hour, I decided to purchase an Alexander McQueen inspired clutch and a necklace. Will show you once I've received them! :) 

So how do you pay via Paypal

1) Order
2) Select Paypal as a payment method.
 Step 3: Log into your Paypal account.

& You're done! Fast and safe. No wonder it is Singapore's most preferred way to pay online and on mobile! ;)

Other sites that also offer Paypal as a payment method include Studiofrost and Plusylicious, an online site selling plus sized clothing I featured a few months ago on my blog. =) 

Hope you found this blogpost useful! If you don't already know, there's also a mobile application for Paypal for you to manage your money on-the-go. Start downloading!