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Sunday, August 12, 2012 / , , ,


Last week, I spent one of the evenings breaking fast with a group of friends I got to now through Twitter. Dinner was held at Chai Chee Restaurant. Photos with the watermark are mine, the rest are photos from Atiqah and Afiq. Oooh, check it out. Both names start with the same letter!

This is the first time we are having such an event for Twitterpura, which is a tweet-up more skewed towards the Malay Twitter community. I've been to tweet-ups such as events like The Next Big Bang, Twestival, Social media day (all happened last year) and I believe such events are great for networking and for widening of your social circle. I myself had always wanted to organise such a tweet-up, but you know how we humans are, sometimes macam hangat - hangat taik ayam. It's not easy organising such an event, so kudos to Atiqah for putting in so much effort! 

Here are the intro stickers Atiqah printed for us. *Photo by Atiqah 

Chai Chee Seafood Restaurant
Located at 359 Changi Road, (S)419821.
            6841 2002 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            6841 2002      end_of_the_skype_highlighting      .


This restaurant is relatively famous among the Malay Muslim community in Singapore because of it's tasty food. True enough, the food we had the other night was extremely yums!

Black Pepper Beef

Lemon Chicken

Deep Fried Baby Squid

Fish Sambal

Kangkong Belacan

Nizam & Syaiful pouring the drinks for everyone. *Photo by Afiq

One of the best photos captured that night of  Syaiful, Atiqah and Arshanti, by Afiq.

Dya, Ayuni, Nastasha and Nurain 

Atiqah and I 

Nizam, Syaiful, Brenda and Arshanti 

A group photo with the ladies. Didn't manage to grab one with the rest because they left earlier.
*Photo by Afiq.

Last photo with my bestfriend Wani, Atiqah and Anith. 

You might think that Twitter is just another social networking site, but for me it has truly changed my life. I've been on Twitter for almost 3 years now. Back when I first started, my parents never understood why I tweeted and blogged so much. They found it a waste of time. Then again, over the years I have proved to them that it is not just passion that drives me. I am probably one of the luckiest people to turn a passion into a career.

Through Twitter, I have met many people within the industry who are very encouraging and supportive. It was through Twitter also that I found my current job. Every now and then, I meet people who say that they too want to make this into a career, but truth be told that it's not as easy as it seems to be. Fundamentals of marketing and PR are still crucial in this line and it helps if you have your own social media presence to give yourself a competitive edge as compared to other job applicants. Blessed. =)

Dear readers, I hope you have a blessed Ramadhan.
Thank you for your never ending support and emails. I will be replying to you in a while! 
nurasirah said...

The outing looked like a complete success. :]
Sorry I didn't get back to you.
I realised you tried to reach me through Twitter.
I've stopped tweeting, dear. :]
But good to see that you guys had fun!