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Review: Goodbye Scars with Bio-Oil!

Friday, June 29, 2012 / ,


Don't we all hate scars?

Let me show you 2 very ugly scars of mine.

I was recently given a bottle of Bio-Oil to try out and I'm very pleased with the results! :) 

Bio-Oil is a specialist skincare product that is clinically proven to help reduce the appearances of scars, stretch marks and contains PurCellin Oil.

(Used Bio-Oil quite abit so that explains the half empty bottle!) 

I love how Bio-Oil does not leave a sticky feeling to my body. The fact that it is easily absorbed into the skin, means that after a while, the oily feeling on my skin will disappear. This is great because let's be honest, how many of us wants to leave the house with oily hands? Definitely not me!

Both my scars are lighter now all thanks to Bio-Oil. It's not completely gone, but it is definitely lighter. I'm going to continue using it and hopefully it will disappear. It's such a good product that at times, I even use it on my hair when it feels pretty dry. Bio-Oil works wonders and I'm surprised they are only selling it in 1 size in Singapore. Let's hope they bring in bigger bottles so that it'll last me for a longer time! 

Did you know that it also can be used on stretch marks? It will help prevent the formation of stretch marks during pregnancies and periods of weight loss/gain. Also can be used to improve the appearance of stretch marks. So mummies, you might want to try out this product as according to their clinical studies, 100% of users noticed a difference after they used Bio-Oil. 

In fact, you can also use it on.... 
Chickenpox Scar 
Age Spots 
Dry Cuticles 
Aging Skin 
Dry Skin 
Scars Caused By Cuts
Insect Bite Marks (Yes, just like mine!) 

An all in one product, don't you think so? 

Bio-Oil can be found at Sasa, Watsons, Guardian and all major pharmacies. 
Retails at $15.50. Definitely worth the buy.