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The day I broke the "Fat Girl Rules".

Friday, June 22, 2012 / , , , ,


Let me list down some rules we fat girls have to stick to according to the fashionistas everywhere. 

1) We can't wear prints 
2) We can't wear anything with horizontal stripes 
3) Always wear black because it makes you slimmer 
4) Wear baggy clothes. Hide yo body shape from everyone else. 
5) Seriously, don't even try wearing any bright attention seeking colours. 

Well, you see. I've grown up my whole life being a silent rebel.

Necklace - Diva | Striped Blazer - Forever 21 + |
Red Maxi Dress - Project You Are Beautiful |
Vintage bag - Louis Vuitton | 
Black pumps - Sungei Wang, KL |

So I've decided to break those rules.

What are some "fashion rules" you've broken? 

Meanwhile, keep a lookout for Project You Are Beautiful by really soon! 

Anonymous said...

Hi! May I know how you ordered the blazer for F21+? I mean, did you joined a spree or anything like that as SG doesn't have the plus size section for F21 right?

RynaQUE said...

Nope. The F21 in SG does not have the plus sized section. Actually bought this blazer on ebay. It's a preloved item! Due to popular demand, I will be having a spree section on my blog. Hopefully we can gather a group of plus sized girls and shop online together! Kindly email me directly at with your details so that I can contact you when I've opened the spree. Thanks!

Sheila/Elly said...

Sounds good! I would join in the spree. I've been looking for a plain maxi dress since forever! Can't wait for your project you are beautiful to launch!


Anonymous said...

Red Maxi Dress

Hey dear, was looking around for a red maxi dress. are u selling it?

pls mail to