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Spize @ Simpang Bedok

Friday, May 18, 2012 / , ,


Variety and good food? One of the best places to go is probably Spizes at Simpang Bedok. However, at times due to the huge crowd the service can be a little slow and uhm... disappointing. Then again, in terms of food variety, this place is probably so much better than alot of other places in Singapore. 

Kacang pool and pita bread. 
Made of beans and minced meat, this dish is meant to be eaten with bread. 

Durian milkshake.

Indian style Mutton Chop 

Lamb Shawamma 

Roti John

Spize also has delivery services. 

Spize Supper Club
336/338 Bedok Road
Tel:             +65 6445 3211      
Daily: 11am – 3am