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My confession: I dislike heels

Tuesday, May 29, 2012 / ,


After reading a post by The Big Girl Blog. I'm inspired to make a little confession.
I don't like heels. Like her, I have wide feet and my right foot is slightly bigger than my left.
It really annoys me at times that I am not able to find a pair of heels that are comfy at the same time look good with my wide feet.

Anyway, have any of you checked out Payless in Singapore?

I swear that place's like a mini heaven filled with shoes.

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lornadahl said...

Just like you, I dislike my flat and wide feet. My own mother calls it "pinikpikang luya". Mean, right? Haha! I don't like heels either. I favor comfort over aesthetics. Although I have rare tiis-ganda moments. Haha!