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How to survive long distance relationships?

Thursday, May 17, 2012 / , ,


This is pretty close to the heart for me. 

1) Be patient. It is going to be dificult but you never know unless you try. 

2) Find ways to connect with each other. 
Whatsapp, Talkbox, Path, Pair etc. The list of apps you can try to use to connect with your partner is really endless. Try games too like Draw Something and Words with friends. It is always important to keep yourself updated about each other's life.

3) Give him/her a little space to breathe. Being too paranoid won't help either. I know the whole, "What is he doing there? Is he with some other girl?!" feeling. It's perfectly normal but you just gotta chill and trust him.

4) Keep yourself occupied. Remember, you have a life to live too. I think one thing I've learnt about men is that most of them like girls who are independent. It really gets on their nerves when we girls become too clingy. It's hard to not be clingy, so you just have to try.
5) Believe.

Good luck lovers!