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Finally a Diploma Holder!

Monday, May 21, 2012 / , ,


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Finally a diploma holder, Alhamdulillah. 

3 years ago, I was a typical O'level student. 

I had 2 choices, Poly or to join the education line and take up a diploma in teaching and subsequently be a Malay teacher, just like my bestfriend. I was really close to being accepted by MOE to be a Malay teacher. I found out that I was accepted into Singapore Polytechnic to pursue a Diploma in Media and Communication. To cut to the chase, I chose the latter instead.

I've always known that I wanted to pursue something related to the media, I just didn't know what exactly it would be. I had enough points to enter JC but personally I don't think that learning science/chemistry/history is really useful when you enter the work force. Plus, I wasn't really the "study type". I prefer hands on, group projects, you know something real and challenging at the same time.

During my first semester, I remember that I found it really hard to adapt to polytechnic life. I remember how much I hated the Marketing module because back then I didn't understand why I had to take business modules when I'm in mass comm. I survived and take a good look at me now. ;) 

At Singapore Polytechnic, I had the best classmates. 

 I even got to fulfill something on my "To-Do Before I Die" list which was to be an emcee for events. 

Back in secondary school, only uhm.... "good students" were chosen to host concerts/shows in school. Meh... But here, I was given the opportunity to stand in front of an audience and talk. I wasn't the best emcee, but most importantly I loved what I was doing. 

"Mass comm" in general is a huge thing. There's so many aspects of communication and to be honest, I am thankful that after the 3 years, I have found something I really am passionate about; digital communications. I have to say that I'm really lucky. I've met people who entered JC and in the end went to uni, yet still don't know whether the line they're pursuing is really "the one". I would really recommend the polytechnic route to anyone reading this. I've learnt and grown so much. I promise, you will too!

Thank you to every single one of you for making these 3 years amazing.

Special mentions to Ms Pam Fang and Ms Chong Li Min for believing and encouraging me to pursue what I love. I can never thank you enough for that. :') 

Wanna find out what I've done within these 3 years?

See slideshow below :) 

Now, to secure a full time job, earn and save money before I embark on my journey to take a degree.  

Here we go again!

Bex and BeKa said...

Very proud of you, Que! :)


Anonymous said...

congratulations! finally huh.