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[Events] Adobe Creative Suite 6 Digital Influencer Event

Sunday, May 13, 2012 / , , ,


The other day, I was invited to the launch of the Adobe CS6 Creative Suite! 

They are releasing a total of 14 CS6 applications and 4 Creative Suites  – Adobe Creative Suite 6 Design & Web Premium, Adobe Creative Suite 6 Design Standard, Adobe Creative Suite 6 Production Premium and Adobe Creative Suite 6 Master Collection. 

The kind people of Adobe showed us the demo of a couple of the new features of their applications that made me impressed beyond words. Seriously! This time, Adobe is taking it up a notch as they listened to what their users wanted. 

About the new Adobe CS6.

I love their new features of Photoshop like 

1) Background save 
Time is extremely precious to me whenever I am at work. There's always too many things to do and so little time. Especially when I'm working on a huge file on photoshop, it will take FOREVER to save. So, I really think the Background Save feature will be really good for me. While saving, I still can make changes to my work! This performance improvement that can help your productivity soar.

2) Auto recovery 
Think of the last time your computer shuts down all of a sudden and you were actually in the midst of doing an important essay on Microsoft word. At times, there's this Auto Recovery function that will automatically save your work? Yes! They are going to have this feature for Photoshop too!  A copy of your work is saved every 10 minutes and recovered in the event of an unexpected shutdown.

3) Faster and more fluid  
The tools work faster now as it is powered by the Adobe Mercury Graphics Engine, enabling near instant results from essential editing tools, including Liquify, Puppet Warp, Transform and Lighting Effects. 

4) Content aware patch 
This new feature is definitely my favourite! Content-Aware Patch is designed for times when you want to remove unwanted content from a photo and then replace it with a precise and seamless patch. Take a look at the video below. :) 

5) New Blur Gallery 
In the new CS6, there's a whole blur gallery, in fact 3 of them. Iris blur, field blur and tilt shift. You know how at times we don't have the right camera and lens to create the blurred background effect in our pictures, but we can always use Photoshop! With the Mercury Graphics Enginem the tool delivers immediate results!

The new CS6 gives users more room for creativity to create things they've never been able to create in the past. 

Thank you Adobe. 
Anyway, I just downloaded a free trial of Photoshop CS6 here
Let the adventure begin!