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10 Things I hate. Alot.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012 / ,


Paris Hilton's Lipstick-on-teeth moments. 

1) I hate it when you tell me that you'd call me back but it never happens.

2) I hate it when they give me excuses.

3) I hate it when the dresses i buy online don't arrive on time.

4) I hate it when I have to abide by the rules.

5) I hate waiting.

6) I hate it when people tell me who and what I'm supposed to be.

7) I hate perspiring. It makes my make up melt, hence making my face look oily.

8) I hate it when I have lipstick on my teeth.

9) I hate it when I stain my panties when I'm having my monthly you-know-what.

10) I hate it when I have blisters on my feet.

& The list goes on.