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Whiter teeth anyone?

Saturday, April 21, 2012 / , , ,


I used to not show my teeth when I smiled. Then, I started smiling with teeth and someone said that I have a nice smile so I'm smiling with teeth alot more often now!

Speaking about teeth.... The other day, I was sent 5 tubes of toothpastes + 1 travel kit from the kind people at Darlie. Happy!!

Darlie is clinically proven to whiten your teeth within 14 days. It also contains SWA whitening molecules which helps to removes stains on your teeth.

Available at all leading supermarkets and pharmacies at $3.15. 

Anyway, just to share with you.... You too can get 40g Darlie Samples from the & stand a chance to win attractive prizes!


Date: 21-22nd April 2012
Time: 11am to 3pm
FAirPrice Xtra AMK
FairPrice Xtra Hougang Pt
FairPrice Woodlands Civic

Date: 28-29 Apr
Time: 11am to 3pm 
FairPrice Xtra Nex,
FairPrice Bedok A
FairPrice Tiong Bahru Hub

*Currently using this! I don't think there are any other toothpastes in this flavour. 
Personally, I love the citrus flavour and scent! :) 

Anyway, here's a review short review of Darlie by my friends!
I shall end this entry with a funny looking picture of me trying to do 3 things at 1 time. 

Brush my teeth, look cute and camwhore. Hahahahaha