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What's the difference between a sponsored and advertorial post?

Tuesday, April 3, 2012 / , , , ,


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This one's for the new bloggers, readers who are not too sure of the difference between a Sponsored/Advertorial. This might not apply to all bloggers, but I just thought I should blog about this since I see so many new bloggers making this mistake. When I first started blogging, I made this mistake too until a fellow blogger corrected me. It was embarassing, that's for sure. For, I'll always disclose whether I got paid/freebies from the brands/blogshops I mentioned on my blog. This is a common rule so that readers know whether to trust the piece. As always, I've assured readers that no matter whether I got paid/given freebies, I keep my posts real and honest. :)

Advertorial - Means that I get paid for the blogpost you just read. Advertorial rates from blogger to blogger varies, depending on the number of eyeballs a blogger garners.

Sponsored - It means that while attending the event, I received some freebies. Also, it probably meant that the items I mentioned in the blog posts were sent by the brand itself for me to try out. As a blogger, as long as I'm not paid I am not obliged to blog about the brand/product. It's a gamble digital marketers/PR companies/brands have to take. I can assure you that most big brands are not willing to pay bloggers to spread the word for them because when it comes to digital/social media, they're looking to increase earned media, not paid media. 

 Earned media = People talking about their brand on Facebook/Twitter/Buzz online. 

Let's hope the new bloggers don't continue making the same mistake. Good luck kiddos. :)