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A visit to the Surrealist Love Scene showroom!

Friday, April 6, 2012 / , , ,


Fashion aficionados would have probably heard of Surrealist Love Scene for being the Singapore fashion and lifestyle company distributing and marketing retail fashion and lifestyle labels like Irregular Choice and Poetic License from UK, Mymu from US, 72Smalldive from Milan and Nicholas, Saturday and Shito from Singapore. A few weeks ago, I went to explore their showroom to check out what they have in store for you. ;)

Surrealist Love Scene is also the distributor of these exclusive bath and body products from Les Floralies, New Zealand. Other than the showroom, you'll probably be able to find these products at John Little and Sephora. More details here.

I'm really keen to try out Earth Botanic's body scrubs so I'll probably be making my way down to Sephora soon to get these lovely babies! 

These sniffboxes have aromatherapy benefits. Why the need for essential oils when you can just buy these? These small containers contain "aroma beads" at the base. All you have to do is open it and place it directly under your nose and breathe in! The different Sniff Boxes have different benefits ;) 

Oooh look.... A surprise!

They knew that I'm very into sweet smelling scents so here's a little something the SLS team gave me. Am so in love with this Manuka Honey scent! 

All the products you see in this blogpost [Yes the shoes, the hand creams, exfoliating hand and body scrub etc] will be available for sale on their website in April after their official launch. Great news!! You are all invited to their We Want Beautiful Shoes/ Launch Party! There'll be discounts on new and past collections happening during the party too. 

It will be happening on the 13, 14 & 15 April 2012. 
13th April 2012 (12pm-6pm)
14th and 15th April 2012 (1pm-7pm) 

Surrealist Love Scene Press Office and Showroom 
22 Sin Ming Lane Unit 07-85 
 Midview City Singapore 573969

Raid their showroom and grab the pretty shoes at discounted prizes while you can during the party! Don't forget to LIKE them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.
Happy shopping!!