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Too often, we live our lives thinking about what people would think/say about us.

Monday, April 2, 2012 /


Too often, we dare not chase our dreams because we listen too much to what others have to say about those dreams. Too often, we give up too easily because we fear what they said will actually happen, so you don't end up disappointed.

Think about that shirt you've always wanted to wear. What about that bright red dress you've been eyeing?You wish you had the guts to actually wear that in public.... but you're afraid you wouldn't be able to carry the look well enough. You're afraid you come off as being to Over The Top and that passerbys would say nasty things about you, just because it's abit too bold for their liking. 

You know what, most of the time you need to remind yourself that what matters most is what you feel. Not what they are saying.

Aiz said...

well said! it speaks for most people.. When i learned and started applying this mantra, it was only then that people start noticing me and see me in a different light..

mind if i quote you and link back to you on my blog?

RynaQUE said...

Hello there!

Of course you may :)