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Tom Yum Goong Buffet at Simpang Bedok, $18 per pax. Sounds like a good deal? Think again.

Sunday, April 1, 2012 / ,


To be honest, I'm a sucker for Thai food. So when I got my pay last month, I gave my family a treat at Tom Yum Goong, Simpang Bedok. Before that, I checked out the website and called their outlet to make reservations for 4. I called and called and called and called...... No answer. So I decided to check out Hungrygowhere for reviews of the place

Okay fine, I read the bad review on this site but I still chose to go because I wanted to give it a shot. 

So my family and I went to Tom Yum Goong for dinner without any reservation. We were almost turned away so I argued with the lady saying that I tried calling so many times but no one answered.

"Ya, ya. I'm trying to answer the calls". 

Well, TYG, I don't think you are doing enough. So in the end, the woman gave my family and I 1 and a half hours to eat as the table is reserved for another family at 6.30pm. Fair enough, I agreed. 

So here's the menu. The buffet costs $18 and all you have to do is order the items you want. Those with ** are only applicable for one time orders only. That's how they cut cost. Totally understandable. 

This is the Tom Yum Soup.  Check out the ingredients. Worth it? I don't think so. 

Here's the bowl of green curry. It's a small bowl and it was to be shared by my family of 4. Size comparable to my iphone 4. How ridiculous can TYG get?

To be honest, tastewise, the food was pretty okay. Nothing fantastic, but it was not bad either but what really stank was the poor service. Food came in very late too. Can you imagine, we only got our first dish like after 30 minutes. Rice only came in like 45 minutes later and they expected us to finish eating within 1.5 hours? In a nutshell, TYG really lacks the manpower they actually need because they are not enough staff, food came in too slowly, nobody to answer phonecalls etc. 

I've eaten at so many places in Singapore and there were times I dined at places like Mad Jack Whitesands and the service wasn't up to standard, but TYG takes the cake for the having the worst service ever. Congratulations! 

If you're thinking of heading to TYG, save your money and save yourself the heartache. It's okay to spend more and head to restaurants like Bali Thai with great food and service. Just saying... 

Sy said...

I'll strongly recommend anyone reading this post NOT to think of visiting this restaurant of any thoughts, despite of how cheap the deal bargains can be.

I bought my deal coupons from a local deal site and went for a dinner gathering before CNY.

The choices of food were so little and you don't enjoy the usual style of buffet of wanting to scope the food yourself and the amount of food to your own delight.

I called for food and requested the lady to get me 2 plates of curry chicken (it was so small in size for the plates) and she stared at me and asked, "You sure you can finish?". As a customer, i've the RIGHT to ask for more food, and it's not as many plates as 5 or 7 plates and I'm sure I can finish that amount of curry chicken within mins.

Next, i was served with a plate of spring roll. It was sour and spoilt, however when i asked for compensation on this, the lady just refused and ignored us. It's a really bad attitude. After which, we asked for another plate and the spring roll was so greasy and oily that you won't think of eating. The whole tissue was soaked with yellow oil. That's how bad it was.

Food amount was so small and you get stares whenever you ask for food - this is definitely not the place you'll want to visit, especially when you pay for the food, it's not charity (or if it is, you should still serve with the right attitude).

I'll not visit this place again, for sure.

NongApen said...

I feel truly sorry for the kitchen staff who seemed to be worked to the bone and being forced to rush out plate after plate of sub-standard food. Because I'm able to speak some thai I did manage to ask the staff why the situation is this dire and they admitted to being understaffed. I didn't dare tell them that my family and I were disappointed that the food especially the Tom Yum and Basil beef that we were served were so lacklasture and flavourless considering that they are touting a Thai chef so I just thanked them and made it a point not to return. I'll just stick to my old haunt at the basil inn in pasir ris which is reasonably priced and so authentically thai in taste, I wonder why I ever strayed....Anyhow, thanks for the great pics and honest review!

Anonymous said...

Got exactly the same service and treatment last week.
I wonder why the staff keep abusing their customer.

For those who bought the coupons from website thinking that they got a good deal better think twice!!