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The Perfect Girls' Day Out all thanks to Haagen-Dazs!

Sunday, April 8, 2012 / , , , , , , ,


Remember this post where I gave away 2 pairs of invites to Haagen Dazs' Journey of Indulgence? This time, I was invited by Haagen Dazs again for a high tea and I could bring 3 friends along. So.... I brought my girlfriends Kasturi, Wani and Farah to this event. Earlier during the day, we paid the Anti Oxidant Centre at Thomson Ridge Estate a visit for a little pampering session. Don't forget to read all about it! :>

Here are the latest indulgences by Haagen Dazs. 
Feast your eyes.

The bottom is a buttery chocolate chip cookie, topped with mini scoops of Cookie Dough Chip flavoured ice cream and drizzles of chocolate + mango sauce. ^^ 
I'm in love. ~ 

Here's probably the highlight of our high tea session. 
Wheeeeee! 3 tier goodies. Hehehe 

Thank you Haagen Dazs for the awesome afternoon with my closest girlfriends. This is going to be shameless but please feel free to invite me to your future events. I'll always be able to make time and make space in my tummy for your ice cream! Hehe. #Buaypaiseh

Set a date with your girlfriends today. The limited edition indulgences you see in this blogpost today is available from the 27th March to 31st May 2012 at all Haagen Dazs outlets!  :> 

Anyway, before I go... 

Necklace from Scape, Poncho top from Plusylicious,
Denim Skirt from York Boutique, Louis Vuitton Bag from Paris