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Giveaway: Free shoes for you maam?

Saturday, May 5, 2012 / , ,


Last year, I blogged about getting sponsored shoes all the way from Le Bunny Bleu Hongkong.
They actually sent me 2 pairs of shoes but I haven't worn the other pair because it did not suit my style. Furthermore, I have really broad feet so this pair doesn't look flattering when I tried them out. I wish I could rock this pair though. Truly wish I could! But oh well.... 

So I've decided to pay it forward and organise a little giveaway for my readers. 

I'm giving away a pair of BRAND NEW size 8 walkers!

Pssst... If your feet are smaller than size 8, you can always wear a pair of socks. 

I really hope someone reading this blog who really likes this pair of walkers will win this. Please do not enter just for the sake of trying your luck. Make sure that you really like it and are sure that you will use this shoes ok! 

Style 1: 

Wear it as a pair of high boots. 

Style 2

Fold it in and wear it as a pair of walkers! 

This pair cost about HKD $599. 

Apologies for the minor mistake I mentioned a few days ago. 

How to win? 

Step 1: Email me at with a photo of your Outfit of The Day + I must be able to see your shoes in the photo with a description of your fashion style. Don't forget to leave me your details such as your name, Twitter handle and contact number. 

Step 2: Tweet "Hi @RynaQUE, I've just sent you mail! #Rynaquegiveaway". 
This is to double check that I've gotten your email. I don't want to miss out on your interesting entries! 

Good luck everyone!