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Ever wondered.... When do you think you should start using anti aging products?

Wednesday, April 25, 2012 / , , ,


The other day, I was invited to The Great Skin Debate by Kinerase, an informal discussion with other beauty bloggers about having timeless beautiful skin. Also present during the session was Valerie, current reigning Miss Singaopore Universe otherwise known as Dweam.

I asked Ruiting to join me for this event and we had fun!

Kinerase is formulated with a unique ingredient called Kinetin which helps women achieve timeless skin. It is the only professional skincare line to contain this ingredient.
Kinerase is clinically proven to significantly improve
1. Fine Wrinkles
2. Skin colour 
3. Skin Texture 
4. Pigmentation

I'm still trying out the product so I'm hoping for good results. :) 

Before this event, I never thought much about anti aging products. I guess it is because for now, it isn't my main concern. When it comes to my skin, I'm more concerned about my horrendous pimple scars and my active acne but the session really changed my mindset. Before the friendly debate, Dr. Sim Kwang Chuor from Aesthetic Works Medical Associates gave us one on one skin analysis. I asked him quite abit of questions and he was really helpful too! 

So.... When do you think you should start using Anti Aging products? 

According to Dr Sim, you should start as soon as possible, even as early as 16 years old! 

When I heard that, to be honest, I was really shocked. We discussed this during the session and perhaps its true. Think about it. Ever since you were born, you're growing older every minute and that includes you skin. Makes perfect sense doesn't it? 

Now, let me show you the products the Kinerase team has kindly sponsored me with. :) 

The 6 step skincare range 

My usual skincare routine is just 3 steps, but with Kinerase, it takes alot of discipline!!

For the first 3 days of using the cleanser, my undereyes felt really itchy after using the cleanser. Not sure whether it is an allergic reaction tho. It made my skin dry and itchy. After that few days, the skin condition of my undereyes went back to normal. Just a note, not every product is suitable for your skin. For me, Kinerase didn't seem suitable at first, but it's all good now. Phew! 

For step 5, it is a little tricky! I normally use the before wearing make up and
 the cream at night before I head to bed. 

Kinerase is exclusively available at dermatologist and aesthetic clinics. Find out more here

Anyway, I tried the skin analyser on their website and I'm quite shocked. In age, I'm 19, but according to my lifestyle, diet etc. my skin's age is probably 27 years old! It's crazy. Please try it out for yourself. This will probably motivate me to continue my 6 step Kinerase routine even more now. Try it yourself here.

Thank you Kinerase! 

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Bex and BeKa said...

You already look younger!