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My underwear haul from UK!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012 / , , , ,


To be honest, when it comes to online shopping, I'm still quite new to this. I only started shopping online ALOT last year probably because I discovered that there were quite a few blogshops selling plus sized clothes. I started shopping on Ebay last year too. It's quite an improvement for me lah, because I used to be a noob when it comes to this kind of things. So recently, I think I LEVELLED UP because I decided to do some online shopping from UK! Yes, the ones you just saw. It was my first time buying from an overseas site. This website was recommended to me by the owner of Qiqi Plus, one of my favourite online blogshops. :)

Meow meow, at first I wanted to get myself a dress but I changed my mind and bought some undies instead. For some reason, everytime I put my undies in the laundry, they'll disappear one by one so I told myself it's time to get new ones. Look at them. They're all so pretty and didn't really burn a hole in my pocket! Each piece is about SGD$6 which I think is really affordable and the items Yours Clothing offer are really pretty. Also, here's a tip. If you're planning to get some stuff.... here's some tips!

If you're on a budget, instead of checking out the whole site, why not check out the Sale tab first. Then you can choose what kind of apparels you're looking for. If you're into dresses like me, you'll reach this page. Then, make sure you click "Sort by: Price Low to High". Look at the prices. It's pretty affordable to me. However, you gotta always keep reminding yourself that it's in Sterling Pounds.

Here's an estimate;
 £Y x 2 = SGD $ What you have to pay

However, here's the downside. International shipping costs £10 which is about SGD$20. To be honest, it's quite expensive to me because there are sites like Asos which provides free shipping. So... I've got a suggestion. The next time I order from Yours Clothing, I'll probably have a spree so that we can order together + share the shipping cost! 

What say you? 

Comment below if you find this post helpful! 

Anonymous said...

Yay! I love buying from international site too! And yes the shipping sometimes, stops me from getting the things that I really want cos sometimes the shipping itself cost more than the item that I want. Thus, shared shipping is really a very good suggestion. Do let us know should you open up any spree for plus size items.

I love F21+ items but shipping is really such a huge ass big time bomb. /:

RynaQUE said...

Yes!! Good to know that you are into international sites too. Let's hope we can all save money. Omg F21's dresses look soooo pretty. :')