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Landed at Bandung, Indonesia. The shopping begins!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012 / , ,


Time to blog about my trip to Bandung! Actually, I'm still here and I'll be flying back to Singapore tomorrow evening. I honestly do not want to leave. I had such a great time here. Good food, good shopping, what more can you ask for?

Me and my favourite floral dress. Seriously. I love this dress so much. It makes me feel special. Took Silkair with my family. The flight went pretty well. 

 The queue just to get our passport chops was insane. We waited for about 20 minutes. 
Our tour guide and driver Mr Hidayat and Mr Selamat fetched us from the airport and off we went for dinner at Taste Paradise. Imagine feeling exhausted and then when you reach this restaurant, food was already served for you! 

Taste Paradise 
Paskal Hyper Square A-29 Bandung,
West Java Indonesia

 Sweet and Spicy fish 
 Beancurd and mushrooms
  Tom Yum Soup!
 Kai lan ~~
  Kung Pao Chicken

According to their Facebook page, they sell dimsums, chinese food, bbq and seafood at their restaurant. Yummy! I'm probably going to feature quite a few food places in bandung over the next few post because the food here is really delicious! :) 

Right after that, we went to 1 of the factory outlets along Dago. 

Here's also where I bought my Hermes Polo Ts. :) Hehe 

Meow meow. that's all for day one! Time to rest. I'll be working this weekend at the Expo for the SmartKids Asia 2012 event.  So mummys and daddys if you're free this weekend, you should bring your kids to the expo. I'll be at the Dettol booth teaching kids the 8 steps of washing hands. ;)