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FYP nearly drove us crazy!

Saturday, March 10, 2012 / , , , , ,


Crazy deadlines. Annoying group members. Conflicts within our team. Death stare drama. 1001 different proposals and ideas that will not come through as planned due to the lack of time, budget, resources. If you've yet to do your Final Year Project, I assure you, you are in for a wild ride. 

I've been to the Sakura Family Restaurant outlet but I've never actually tried the buffet version so last night, my FYP lecturer decided to give us a treat and off we went to Sakura International Buffet Restaurant. :) 
Thank you Ms Brenda! 

Overall, food was pretty good. If you're into sushi and seafood, you'll probably enjoy the buffet. Some special mentions, you gotta try the Oreo Cheesecake, Laksa, Durian Pengat, Sharks Fin (fake one of course!), Pai Tee and the durian puff! Yums. It was nice to meet up with half the gang reminiscing the times FYP nearly drove all of us crazy. We pulled through with a distinction and we're done with school! 

Sakura International Buffet Restaurant 
11 Orchard Road, #01-02 Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station
Singapore 238826