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Dear ladies, what kind of fragrances do you go for?

Wednesday, March 28, 2012 / , , ,


The other day, I was talking to the nice peeps from Surrealist Love Scene and we were talking about the our preferences when it comes to scents. I immediately said that I like sweet smelling frangrances. I used to be in love with Paris Hilton's Heiress until most shops stopped selling them. I also really like Marc Jacob's Daisy, but I only use that for special atas occasions. I'm not really someone who would rather splurge on clothes than fragrances because I believe that a perfume doesn't need to be branded/expensive to smell good.

Check out my latest buy.

PINK With A Splash Victoria Secret Body Mist
Bought this from Changi Airport at $13 PER BOTTLE. Pretty good deal, I must say!

What kind of fragrances do you enjoy? Anyway, anybody knows where I can get Victoria Secret perfumes at a good price? Share with me in the comment box below! 

Anonymous said...

mustafa centre. seriously. dats where i got mine. haha!