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Dear ladies, we should all invest in shapewear.

Monday, March 26, 2012 / , ,


I always believe that it's important to always invest in shapewear no matter your size. So recently, I browsed through a blogshop on Facebook and she was selling these 2 items. 

Invisible Tummy Trimmer ($25) 

 Magic Bra ($24.90)

I quickly grabbed both items and here they are. :)

I'm sure you're wondering what this magic bra is. It's kinda like a push up bra and you have to wear it over your normal bra. It really works and it's amazingballs! 

Here's the tummy trimmer. It's stretchable and it's really a torture to get into this. Once you wear this, it'll automatically make you eat lesser. Been there, felt that.  

If you're wondering where I got these items from, visit Femmes Rondes Plus Size and add her up on Facebook. Happy shopping ladies!