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Bake a Chocolate Cake in 3 minutes? Possible meh!

Saturday, March 24, 2012 / , , , , ,


To be honest, I almost never bake. I remember the first and last time I made brownies was in 2009 for a guy I was crushing on but never liked me back. Quite heartbreaking lah because I actually put in alot of effort but he didn't say much about it. It probably wasn't that nice. I think I didn't tell him that it was instant brownies. You know the kind you can get at NTUC with all the ingredients in a box? All you have to do is just mix everything. Easy peasy. 

But this recipe I'm going to share with you is soooo simple and idiot proof! Someone I follow on Twitter shared this recipe a month ago and I tried so I'm sharing it with you guys now. :)

All you need is.... 
3 teaspoons of Milo/Cocoa Powder 
3 teaspoons of Self Raising Flour 
3 teaspoons of Nutella (or more hehehe...)
3 teaspoons of Milk 
(I only have HL milk at home lol)
1 Egg

For me it's already pretty sweet so I normally do not add any sugar, but if you're adventurous, feel free to improvise! Add choc chips maybe? :)

Just mix all the ingredients I mentioned above and whisk it all in a mug until you're tired of whisking. Then, pop it in your microwave oven, set it to High for 3 minutes. In fact, 2.5 minutes is fine too. It really depends on your microwave. :)

And there you have it, CHOCOLATE CAKE IN A MUG! Walaaaaa!!!! 
Top it off with whip cream +choc sauce + ice cream if you want the extra sugar. :)

Time to try it out dearies!

~* J a S said...

cool ! shall try it one of these day

Ruiting said...

nice!!! looks really yummy too!