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What kind of shoes do you prefer?

Friday, February 24, 2012 / , , , ,


A girl can never have enough shoes. True that. But what kind of shoes do you go for? Do you go for the "garang" shoes or do you go for... the simple looking ones? 

Let me be very honest. When it comes to shoes..... I am pretty reserved. Maybe because I prefer to go for more "garang"/ (fierce) dresses, so I'd like to go easy on my shoes. And.... It's very rare to see me in heels because my feet will ache alot and I'll feel like dying after standing more than 15 minutes. So... Heels are reserved for very very atas events or when I feel like I wanna be a little taller. Trolololol. 

I used to wear flatforms but stopped after I fell down at a bus stop near school. It was so bad, my knee was bleeding so badly and now I have a scar on my knee. I've never worn that pair ever since that incident!! LOL

Talking about shoes, check out this baby I received all the way from Korea. Peter emailed me last month to ask if I would like to try out their shoes!! Of course, I said YES. :D At the same time, I was worried I couldn't fit any of the shoes he sent me because I have broad feet. So I told him to send over his biggest pair! :)  

Then I received a huge parcel which was delivered to my office!

When I opened....... 

I was pleasantly surprised! ~~ 

See, left feet broader than my right. 

I'm in love~~~ Thank you Le Bunny Bleu! Visit them here ---> Received lots of compliments from my friends about these Oxfords. :> 

Actually, they sent me another pair of shoes.. But that's a post for another day! ;) 

Anyway, if you're planning to buy, quote that you are a reader of mine and you'll get a 15% discount! Also, you'll be charged USD $12 shipping fee. ----> Click here to order now! If you don't understand mandarin, then use Google Chrome and translate the whole page. :> 



Mike Watson said...

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Anonymous said...

Hey in the first picture,where did you get the shoe? I've been looking for a nice platform/court chunky heels..haix cos i have broad feet:(