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So girls, is it true that we go for the bad guy and that good guys finish last?

Sunday, February 19, 2012 / , , , ,


Anyway, if you're planning to watch This Means War the movie, don't bother. The show isn't worth watching. And.... This post will be full of spoilers. You might wanna close the browser if you're gonna watch it soon. 

So 2 good friends fight over the attention of a women. Usual story line. Best Man Wins. 

Specimen A is a divorcee, with a son. Hasn't dated for some time.
Responsible. Romantic. Very eligible. 

Specimen B is..... the bad boy we often meet in real life. Isn't ready to settle down. Thinks that he's got enough skills to get the attention of the girl, since he has done it many times anyway. Has probably dated and slept with 16272912928 girls. 

So... guess who she picked in the end? 
The bad boy, of course. Good job Captain Obvious. 

This movie deserves endless trashing because the ending is predictable. Sure, the trailer looks good. The only sexy factor about the movie is probably because the 2 men are spies. Other than that, it's just another fail rom com. Well, at least to me. 

So, is it really true that we girls only go for the bad boys and that nice guys finish last? Think about it. Remember how your guy didn't really treat you well, but you actually stayed by his side. What about that nice guy you're always confiding in? You probably friendzoned him because you think you and him can only be friends. 

So why did Reese Witherspoon choose to be with Chris Pine in the end? (well just her character in the show) Because you know, she probably felt that she could change this man. She wanted to be "the reason he changed", from a heartbreaker to a loving boyfriend. And, probably the fact that she slept with Chris Pine first instead of Tom Hardy could also have contributed to her decision to be with him. You know how girls are wired.... 

It's a disappointing movie. Even movies don't turn out the way we want it to be. 
Need I say more? 

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