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Plus sized clothes on SALE! Grab while you can!!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012 / , , , , , ,


You and I know that plus sized clothes aren't exactly very cheap. While other petite girls shop at Bugis, get some $10 dress, plus sized dresses cost around $40 online and about $60 when we go to a physical store. Sigh...... 

But no worries, GOOD NEWS!! :) 

Kaylene is having their sales now and it might end in late Feb! So for those of you who have just gotten your pay (ka-ching, ka-ching!!) you should head down to Far East Plaza and look for a boutique called Kaylene! 

Not paid to share this btw. The sale is soooo good, it's damn hard to resist can. 

 Sizes from UK 16 to UK 22 ~~ 

Prices range from $15 to $30 :) 

I bought 2 dresses last week and bought like 3 dresses and 2 outerwears this week. Will show you this week's buys soon. Promise :) 

Here's a tube dress I absolutely love. Pretty cute! 

Here's a green coloured sleeveless dress. I don't usually wear green so I thought it would be a good change. :) 


Seriously, go LIKE them on Facebook cus they'll post updates there. If not for their FB, I wouldn't know about their sale hokay. Their sale is only once a year so you better grab the chance while it's still here. Service is also pretty good. The owner, Kayde was really nice to me and will always serve you with a smile. I like good service more than anything else, really. So thumbs up!! 


Anonymous said...

As a fellow plus-sized girl, I'm all for being confident about your body yet there's one part of my body which I can't help but feel insecure of, and that's my arms and hence, I always feel the need to cover that up.

How do you get the confidence to wear tube top/dresses? :)

RynaQUE said...

Hello there! Well, for me, I get inspired whenever I look through blogs of other plus sized girls from all over the world. Trust me, their sense of fashion is really... :O You'll be damn amazed. I'll feel inspired after that. For me, I come from a conservative family so I do not show much skin. I'll normally pair those dresses with a jacket/cardigan. :> However, there are certain occasions like a day out with my girls at the beach, things like that that i would be comfortable showing more skin. <3

:) Bottomline is, we don't have to show much skin to look and feel good. Wear something you're comfortable in. Good luck! <3

Sheila/Elly said...

Omgod omgod. Hahhahaha, I have to go to this store!

RynaQUE said...

Hello Sheila,I just checked their Facebook and last Friday was the last day for their sale. Really sorry about that. However, they're gonna release a new collection soon. Go and take a look! :)