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The mini getaway with the girls

Sunday, February 26, 2012 / , , , , ,


Last week, my close friends and I decided to have a mini get together at Aloha Loyang chalet. I managed to get pretty good rates and we were ready to roll. It was only one night but I had fun!

I started my morning by heading to BBQ House to get satay and otahs for bbq with the girls later the evening. We were only expecting a small group so we didn't buy too much food. Since it was a school day for our other friends, they couldn't join us. Anyway, if you're looking for stuff to bbq, you should consider BBQ house cos they're stuff are pretty cheap. 1 stick of satay cost 27 cents. If I'm not wrong. The cheapest compared to the rest I surveyed. You'll also get a 5% discount if you choose to walk-in/self collect the items you ordered. The downside would be that the place is pretty ulu near upper changi road, so you might have to take a cab to the building.  

Walking around Pasir Ris Park eating ice cream. 

Ordered brownies from an online friend, Syakina. The brownies were moist and delicious! My friends really loved her brownies. She also takes orders for cupcakes. Price wise, affordable compared to the other cupcake makers. Visit

And.... we entertained ourselves by playing with our meme masks. Hehe 

Anyway, we girls made a pact. No matter what happens, if we catch our partners/our friend's partners doing things behind our back, we are to inform each other. I thought it was a pretty good pact. I've always believed that girls should be united whenever it comes to men. Maybe it's just me. I don't know.

Also, we spent the night trolling people on Chatroulette with our masks. I'll share the printscreens with you soon. I really can't wait for my trip to Bandung!! :)

Anyway, if you don't know me, I'm Que. I'm a graduate from Singapore Polytechnic, with a Diploma in Media and Communication specialising in Social Media. I'm looking for a temporary job while awaiting for the results of my degree application. If you know of anyone looking for temp workers, email me at Thank you! <3