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I need to set myself free again and find myself again

Tuesday, February 7, 2012 /

Too often, when you put someone else's happiness above yourself, you tend to lose grip of yourself. Not everybody is blessed with nice sounding fairytale-like love story. Maybe not me at least. I've had my fair share of meeting the assholes, it gets frustrating. If there's something I cannot understand, it is how women would put aside their sense of pride just to fight over a man. I would never have the capacity to do anything to hurt another woman, eventhough I do not know her personally.

Let things go because if he's capable on cheating on you now, he will cheat on you again. There's no such thing as "trying to change someone". If he really wanted to, he would have done it without you telling him to do so. 

I’m worthy of a better man. Someone who doesn't put my heart to the test. At least someone who cares. Today, I've decided to leave and walk out that door. I'm not going to turn back because I know that bigger and better things await me. I'm not walking away because of the difficulties we shared because of this long distance relationship. It's more because I know that I'm capable of living without you before you entered my life, which means I am fully capable of living without you even if I left. I will not settle for second best. It'll probably take some time to find someone who'll like me for who i am. Someone who finds my quirky eccentric expressions endearing. Someone who understands why I write for a living. It'll be nice to meet someone who likes expressing himself through writing too. That would be ideal.

When you decide to end things with someone, it's never about who dumps who, but it's more about who has the courage to walk away when it’s time to go. I am that person. I am capable of better things because I know my worth. Girls, if you're being mistreated, maybe you should walk away too.

"You're an amazing girl".

I think so too. :) 

All the single ladies, put yo hands up!