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I am the fat friend

Friday, February 10, 2012 / , ,


Many of the girls I meet in life have low self esteem. 

Picture taken using La Sardina at the event. 

They are the girls who look in the mirror and tell themselves that they are not pretty enough, they are not skinny enough when to me, they are actually really pretty. These are the girls who complain about being fat and ugly in front of me, expecting me to sing praises to them, just so that they can feel better about themselves. These are the girls who like hanging out and walking next to me just so that they can be the "more attractive one". 

"I think I know why she's always hanging out with the fat girl, so that she'll be the more attractive one". I was probably 14 when a friend told me this. This line is still very fresh on my mind. 

 I don't know man. I keep thinking about it and it makes me doubt my friendship with these girls. Am I JUST the fat friend? Are you just hanging out with me so that you feel good about yourself? 
So that you'll feel less intimidated? Any of you girls feeling the same? 

 Anyway, this blogpost was sparked by a tweet I read.


Sheila/Elly said...

Hais. I feel you in this. I did think some people are my "friends" because they think they're "more attractive". Hm. Oh well, whatever floats their boat. As long as we love ourselves, am confident with our body, I think we're fine. We can actually be more attractive even plus sized :')

RynaQUE said...

Hi Sheila.
I just feel that it's quite insulting when people befriend you just because they are insecure about themselves. Haha it gets on my nerves alot!

Sheila/Elly said...

Hahha. I know! I feel even crappy when my friend(s) know that I'm almost always makeupless/underdressed when I go to school, then would make last minute plans to go out after school? When you meet them, they're all dressed up with make up and all. What. What is this. What's happening. Why!

Hahhahaa. Cannot stand it.