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From complete strangers to friends. Do you ever meet the people you get to know online?

Wednesday, February 15, 2012 / , , , ,


The other day, I met up with these 2 beautiful ladies I got to know online. On the left is Anith, I got to know 3 years ago when I first started blogging. She was blogging anonymously at that time and only after a year..... Jeng, jeng, jeng.....  she revealed her identity to me. Met her in real life only once during some movie screening by Nuffnang.

On the right is Aishah, a fellow libra whom I got to know on Twitter a year ago back when I was tweeting emo things, ranting about how life and stuff like that. It was the first time meeting her! It was also the first time these 2 girls met. :> 

 Aishah and I. 

So... I suggested Fish and Co for dinner because you know, everybody says that the food is pretty good. Anyway, what better way to bond with the girls than a night of good food and laughter? 

This was what I had for dinner. 
Fish + Chicken + fries + mash potato. 
 It was just too much for me to handle, I didn't even try the fish at all because I was too full. :( 
 Here's Anith calling the water to refill her drink. HAHAHAHHAHA

 Aishah making faces. 

Overall, I felt that Fish and Co has a wide selection of food. I was impressed but after the next day, I had an extremely bad stomach flu which lasted for 5 days. Diarrhea and vomiting. :( It was really quite bad. Asked the girls but they were alright. I told my doctor about it and he said the virus there could be other possibilities. If not the food, perhaps the utensils, cups etc. So, I'll never know what caused the whole stomach flu. I'm not sure if it was because of the food served. So.... the next time I'll probably eat again at Fish and Co would be.... Well, not so soon definitely.

Back to the topic of meeting people you got to know online. I really love how the internet allows us to meet and connect with different people from all walks of life. From working adults to stay-at-home mums. It's really interesting because most of them are all older than me. These people are also the ones who would share their insights and stories. If my mum were to read this, she'll probably nag at me about how there are so many dangerous people online etc. Haha parents. :P 

We are the digital generation. :) 

Edmund said...

Thanks for being my online friend as well :)

Nurfa said...

I like your blog posts...very Singaporean! Anyways, I met my BF from an online chatroom, Of course, we must be really careful in meeting strangers from online sites...i've met some men whom i would categorise as's the setting of the place that matters most...always set first meet-ups at a public place like shopping malls...when i first saw my BF i thought of running away and ditching the date coz i thought he looked older than he said his age was...but i gave him a chance and now we've been together for almost 2 years! Internet is good in a way...anyways, keep the blog lively!

RynaQUE said...

Edmund: No, no. Thank YOU for being my online friend. Hehe.

Nurfa: Awwww that sounds really sweet! Best wishes!! <3